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Vday 2nd WRK OUT

(Circuit) 1 set of each of the 3 exercises listed below in order to complete 1 set .repeat for 6 sets of the circuit . I rested 30 sec-60 sec between every 2 sets of the complete circuit (exercise 1-3)

1)6 sets 25 reps dual pulley lat pull down 42.5 lbs

2)6 sets 20 reps seated lateral raises 12 lbs each hand

3)6 sets 20 reps standing lat pull down with lat bar

After i finished my completion of the full 6 sets of circuit I then took 3-5 minutes to stretch and relax my lats and also drink water

Next exercise done but isolating the lats by squeezing and holding on the way down this is called negative. Negatives are a great way to add more intensity into your work out and overload the muscle groups engaged in the exercises you are performing. You want to control the tempo of the repetition and slow down the lowering phase of the life to an approximate 3-5 seconds rep count.

6 sets 20 reps lat pull down with pro bar 42.5 lbs

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