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Quarantine Day 3 workout

So I wasn't supposed to be around anyone and stay home during quarantine but I had no option but to get out and run. I was already sick of the house and needed more space to run. I went to a park close by around 6 am to run some suicides do some pushups and jump rope. Of course 5 months later I am unable to remember the exact routine but luckily I tracked my progress with a video. What I do recall was that I can barely keep up and felt winded and the drizzle didn't make it any easier for me. I was able to push through the workout in the time I set for myself. I also remember that it was very hard to start off and my body wasn't in the mood to do anything but I went for it!

jump rope 1.5 min for 5 sets

1 full suicide 8 pushups 5 sets

goal was to complete exercise before 25 minutes.

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