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Today I was feel even more rejuvenated , and one step closer to recovery. I had more than a 15 min break today I had a an hour to myself since my work was done early. Today I worked out to the best of my ability with whatever was available at work. Today I did chin ups again today; I did 10 sets of 5 reps, 1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 4 reps. I tried my best to keep going but I was completely tapped out with chin ups after I completed my 64 reps in total. After my chin ups, came the dumbbell flys and front lateral raise with dumbbells. I had 5 lbs in each hand moving the same speed at one time for each rep. There was no dumbbell available and olympic weight plates were used for the work out. Already worn out from the chin ups, I decided to do a light work out to still loosen up my muscles but still give me that burn. I did around 20 sets of 5 reps each for both the fly, and the lateral raise. It was a interesting the focus I had used just to lift a total of 10 pounds lol. I tried to keep alternating after each set between the two movements( fly, lateral raise) to relax all 3 parts of my deltoids. Last but not least after a longgggg 5 minute break lol after completing all the above, I picked up a rubber 25lbs weight plate and began to do front raises. 45lbs would have been too heavy for my body to stabilize at that point and it was too heavy to lift efficiently while getting a decent grip on the rubber weight between both hands. I did the exercise in reps of 10-15 for 10 sets to really get my slow twitch fibers in my muscles to work.

ps I had my co worker record about 2 of my warm upsets and the set of 10 chin ups.

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