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so today I was still sore in the back region of my body specifically the deltoids which is a large the part muscle group in the shoulder which consist of the posterior deltoids (rear), anterior deltoid (front), and medial (side).Another muscle which was sore as well was the latissimus dorsi aka the lats which is is your sides and back. Incase you don't know the lats connect at five different points in your upper body, the spine, ribs, pelvis, scapula, and your arms. The swelling as went down after a few days since my last workout so I decided to go for a quick workout today during the 15 minute smoke break they give us as work. Except I don't smoke lol so I was glad to take that 15 minutes to use on the pull up bar at work. Whenever I am limited with time and need a quick pump but a full upper body workout I usually turn to dips,pullups or pushups as my routine. So during my 15 minute break I was able to get 100 CHIN UPS done. The basic chin up uses a under hand grip which trains more of the outer head of the bicep branchii and still give me the stretch I'm looking for the relieve the lat and deltoid pain I have. I was able to do majority of my chin ups with 5 reps per set and when feeling a little more pumped than usual I did 2 sets of 10 chin ups for an additional burn. My resting time between each set was about 30-45 seconds , enough time to breathe but not enough time for my body to catch fatigue. Luckily I had my water there with lime, strawberries, cucumber, and apple fiber from Herbalife to fuel my quick pump out. The water did significantly help with hydrating my body during the process and along the number 70 the pain did start to kick! resting intervals did begin to get longer from 60 -120 seconds. By the time I had finished my quick pump out 20 minutes had past, so yes I did get scolded for the additional 5 minutes I took for my smoke break.

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