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Last Saturday I was able to actually save my warm up routine finally! Hey im not too good with technology, because the problem is that I never knew how to save it. On a usual day I normally record it on social media live then call it a day. This time I grasp the concept of how to work the app and download my video to my phone and there you have it folks my work out above.

In this warm up we do 10 sets 25 reps of sit ups , and 10 sets 25 reps of sit ups. We were able to do 250 of each.(well I know I did, I didn't watch my partner so im not too sure as to whether he fulfill his end of the work out.

After the warm up we were able to flat bench press 8 sets of 25 reps with a 45 rubber olympic weight on each side. My partner and I alternated with each other during the pectoral workout. Now, now now,... there is surely more! while he would do his bench set, I would do my front lateral raises and flys. I think we roughly did about 8-10 sets of that as well. Last but not least we went to work out on the isolated seated row machine. We did 7 sets of 15 reps of hammer curls, we did 7 sets of 15 reps regular curls, and we did 7 sets of the seated row machine with 15 reps per set. Once again we alternated, while he did the dumbbell curls, I did the rowing machine. By time we were finished, I felt more tired than I do right now while writing this blog entry out at 3 am! ps finger is broken as you see in a preview video im doing sit ups with my washcloth over my hand supporting it on the bed.

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