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NOV 24th work out

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

forgot to post this was really tired and running around for the holidays not much to say here ! I got It in !!!

1) 5 sets 20 reps Romanian dead lift into overhead press

The workout I listed above is a high intensity workout and should be done with a light amount of weight and done at your own timing. The dead lift is one of the greatest compound exercises you can perform. some good tips to assist beginners are :

when coming up, don't over roll your shoulders and push your hips forward when coming up from the dead lift. Push the hips through and squeeze the glutes but not over extend your hips.

Also you want to keep your arms straight through the left. also you want to have your hips slightly above your knees not lateral to your knees as if your doing a squat, You would be putting extra pressure on your legs when you really want to use more of your hamstrings.

Next do not have the bar to far away from you, it would cause you to strain yourself. Last you do need the right shoes for dead lifting which are shoes that are as flat soled as possible to the ground, you don't want anything with gel ,bubbles, or heels that lift your feet of the ground.

The shoulder press exercise is a great workout for building size and for strength. This workout is best done standing up for this reason, most people do the shoulder press seated and it stops your neck from going backward full motion which causes neck issues and can lead to other breakdowns. When the weight begins to get heavy people tend to push their head back into the bench in order to get the weight over their head which can cause strain on supporting back muscles.

When your completing this exercise your delaying the timing off, of your shoulder muscles. This can cause injury to your shoulder joints, your shoulder blades pushing into the bench doesn't allow it the full freedom to rotate to get your arm fully over your head.


The following workout was done with the ez curl bar 50 lbs

2) 5 sets 20 reps under hand grip rows

5 sets 15 reps curls

3)5 sets 30 reps tricep pull down machine 85lbs.

5 sets 15 reps front raises 10lbs dumbbell each hand

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