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Such a bummer I usually post my warm up! Today it didn't save properly to my phone lol so I guess ill screen record it from Instagram before it expires in next 24 hours on live. Warm up was 9 sets of setups/pushups 25 reps each set, for a total of 225 sit ups and 225 pushups in about 24 minutes.

Once I noticed my workout didn't save on my camera roll I decided to shoot the video above of my workout. My friend and I alternated between machines that way no one had free time. 5sets 20 reps each of front raises and lateral raises with 12lbs in each hand. On my last set my shoulder pain started to kick in so I reduced the weight to 10lbs in each hand. After one set of raises I switched to the smith machine( flat bench), and did 5 sets 90 lbs (45 lbs each side) 40 reps each until the last set with the shoulder injury kicking in during the circuit. So we alternated between each exercise , while he was on the bench I was doing the raises, my friend did 20 reps due to wrist injury but I did mention to him he has to push it he's already there at the gym and already engaged in activity theres no turning back, not sure if that was good or bad news but I needed him to get tough lol. I have a broken index finger and shouldn't be doing these exercises at all but we have to get to the bag and we have to do what we have to, thats what separates the winners from the losers. NOW DONT GO pushing yourself with an injury, by all means do rest and recover and give yourself proper therapy to get full range of motion before you jump back into something 100 percent. But I will say if you have already started something , you better finish it !

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