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NOV 23RD second workout

After my first workout, I went home took a shower ate 2 turkey bacon egg and cheese sandwiches with grapes and watermelon. Then shortly after I took a nice nap, which resulted in me waking up full of energy. I went back to the gym to perform again, the video above didn't capture everything (as usual) but you get a glimpse of what went down with me and the cables. For my second workout I wanted to stretch my muscles and tendons and still get that burn which resulted in me using the cables.

6 sets of my own version of isolated wood chops 20 reps each hand weight 15 lbs

6 sets of cable flys 20 reps, weight 15 lbs

6 sets of standing isolated mid cable rows 20 reps, 15 lbs as well.

in the video above my last 2 sets I kind of just went all out. I did 30-40 of each cable exercise. This workout was effective for my pectorals, my latissimus dorsi, all 3 parts of my shoulder, serratus, and my trapezius.

Update on my injuries: my shoulder was in pain of course because I was working my shoulder, but surprisingly my finger didn't feel much pain for this second workout the way it did for my first

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