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Hey whats up everyone. Anyone else like the rain and snow? Because sometimes its the weather that motivates me as well. 3 days ago it rained really hard and I figured the gym would be empty and I would be able to capitalize on that. Normally the time Im released from work doesn't give me much flexibility to work out. Machines are usually packed, places over crowded and timing is usually off. So you better believe the rain was seen as my advantage on Wednesday night. To my surprise it was partially full I guess people felt the same way as me about getting that work out in during hazardous weather. For my workout I did MTS rows 5 sets 25 reps over hand grip 50lbs and in between each set I did 5 sets underhand grip 25 reps each 40lbs. Last put not least the third work out added out to the circuit was front raises 10lbs rubber dumbbells in each hand while sitting up straight, I did 5 sets 50 reps as well. After about the third set of my circuit my arms started to get tight so I took a 3-4 minute break and during that time I stretched and also did a set off 50 pushups straight. I was able to manage and get through the full workout without my muscles tightening. On my last set I went down to do another set of pushups but did 40 to end the night. Great pump! my rest intervals between each full set is about 20-45 seconds, except for the time I took that break. Unfortunately, I did not record any scenes of me working out. Sometimes I get so focused on what im doing that I forget to touch my phone I see it sometimes as a distraction as well.

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