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The weekend is more of my leisure time to get extra curriculum activities accomplished, even a better time for me to get more sleep and recovery. The weekend to most people is time for them to rest but for me its time to do what I love since my week days involve 12 hour shifts which are no excuse to not go to the gym. I just don't have what it takes sometimes to get it done, but I try my best to never go m-f without a work out or two. Honestly my job consist of running 2 miles every other day which is affective for other soldiers but for me I am injured and can not run or even walk. It has actually been a little bit over a year and a half since I ran which makes my fitness journey harder then usual when it comes to shedding weight or toning. But thats just a little personal information that im learning to share since this is a blog.

My work out the following day consisted of using the normal row machine at 100 lbs. I did 10 sets of 30 reps, in between each set I did dumbbell lateral raises with 10, and front lateral raises with 12 lbs. I didn't use the 12 lbs because my right shoulder is still injured which I didn't want to upset. I did 20 reps front lateral, 20 reps lateral raises and 10 sets of each.

I was able to get that workout done in 30 minutes and head out, I crushed my workout !

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