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Last Friday I went in took care of business and then left. I used the MTS row machine in planet fitness, because im focusing on my back muscles along with my shoulder. My immediate goal is to build a bigger foundation, and get wider. The MTS Iso-Lateral Row features separate weight stacks that provide independent diverging and converging motions. The underhand grip and overhead pivot provide a natural arc of motion and neutral wrist positioning. I really think this machine is affective if used correctly. I did 10 sets 30 reps each 50 lbs on each hand. You know me, between each set I like to cause muscle confusion and also give that muscle a rest or make it work as a secondary muscle to get a better pump or get a more versatile upper body workout. Between every 2 sets I used 10 lbs rubber dumbbell in each hand and did 5 sets, 50 reps each of front lateral raises to challenge myself since I wasnt staying in the gym for long. Guess what guys im human! I reached muscle failure after finishing the 4th set of raises. I was proud of myself to get that far anyway. My workout was completed after 45 minutes and I was soaked in sweat to my surprise. So that is how my weekend started off!

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