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This morning at 6am took a APFT ( army physical fitness test) and had a blast as usual doing what I can. The test consist of 3 parts

1) 2 minute pushup

2) 2 minute situp

3) 2mile run

I could only partake in 2/3 events due to plantar fasciitis which stops me from running or walking. I was able to do 88 pushups in the 2 minutes despite my shoulder injury and broken finger. I was also able to do 76 sit-ups in 2 minutes which I was disappointed in but thats life. As far as the rating, for the setups 78 is what is considered a full 100 points in that event, and as far as the sit-ups for a full 100 points 80 would be the goal. My score was 100 with the pushups and 95 with the sit-ups.

The energy I felt today was amazing after the morning warm up. I do advice for people to add sit up and pushup drills into their morning routine everyday you will notice results right away and your body will be a lot responsive during the day.

I got off work early and had 45 minutes to work out at work, I did kettle bell rows with 12kg

(26.4 lbs)kettle bell with one hand at a time which consisted of 5 sets 20 reps per hand. My circuit also consisted off 5 sets of 30 rep pushups, 5 sets 7 reps of pull ups, last but not least flys and lateral raises with 6kg(13.2 lbs) kettle bells, and super sets with 5lbs olympic plates in each hand. My goal was to stay away from things that stress my shoulder and my finger which were the pull ups but after I got warmed up I added those into my circuit. well to be honest I did everything else in a circuit and the pull ups I did last once I realized the pain was moderate. The flys lateral raises I kind of went crazy with just to get that burn, I approx did 11 sets of flys, 11 sets of lateral raises both exercises 20 reps per set. Then I rotated to the pushups and the kettle bell rows to give my deltoids a rest. I was very surprised I felt no soreness from the pushups I did earlier today, it wasn't the amount I did that normally gets me sore after a APFT, but the amount done in a certain time back to back. I was also shocked I went for a test pull up and my shoulder cooperated.. the finger hahaha well lets just say good thing I have 9 other fingers.

over all very good moderate workout to get the blood flowing.

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