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NOV 11TH WORK OUT Veterans Day

This video above is a preview of my workout half way in, im getting pretty good at saving my content right? hahahah

At 1am I decided to work out it has been a week full of rest. I couldnt let the Sunday go by without working out. So with a terrible shoulder injury and a broken index finger I decided to use the cables in the gym for a little resistance. I did not want to irritate my injuries by lifting to much but I wanted to give my upper body full range of motion when working out. sad fully I felt massive pain during the work out but less pain than I would have felt working out with heavy weights. my routine for the night was 10 sets, 30 reps of cable fly, which is focused on the pectoral major, anterior part of of the deltoid(front). This exercise prohibits the person from lifting too much weight but places a decent amount of stress on the bicep tendons, rotator cuff, pectoral tendons, and the serrates anterior(under chest).

Another workout I threw in my routine was one of my old favorite exercises, cable punches with a twist. I do mine a lot different to get my torso involved into the movement, kind of like wood chops except with one hand. I did 10 sets of 30 punches each for arm. After a while my pain did start to take over my body plus it was a light workout after taking some time off. Let me tell you why cable punches were my favorite at an earlier stage in the gym. The cables provide more time under tension when I lift and lower the weight allowing my muscles to fatigue faster but still get that extra pump I was looking for. I can train my muscles from different angles while building strength and stability into my movement. What makes the cables so interesting is the freedom it allows my body to move in any direction which is suitable for me. Machines give a specific focus on an isolated muscle group although there will be secondary muscles to help during the workout they don't work the tendons the way free weights or cables do. Machines are designed to move in one motion forward and backward giving less room for comfort. The cables are a compound exercise machine, allowing you to work multiple muscle groups at once, at your own control. For beginners the cables are a great way to start testing your balance and stability. There is no correct form or way of motion when performing an exercise with the cables because the cables guide your exercise. As long as your feeling tension no one can tell you, your doing something wrong.

After my light work out I left the gym at around 2am and felt a lot better about myself. Don't get me wrong pain was an issue but getting out to get it done was a better reward on my way out, my rehab workout went well. I knew I would also be back in a few hours since I had the day off for veterans day.

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