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merry Christmas


Lat pull down 6 sets 50 reps 80lbs

hammer curls 6 sets 20 reps 30lbs each hand

should press 6 sets 15 reps 30 lbs each hand


cable shoulder press 12 sets 15 reps (20 lbs)

front raises 8 sets 15 reps 15 lbs each hand

side raises 8 sets 10 reps 15 lbs each hand

last but not least super set 100 pushups!!!

I can say that week off killed me, after my first circuit I was extremely low on energy and out of rhythm and ready to head home and then the gift of Christmas spirit came to me when my neighbor walked into the gym at 1 am and motivated me. We were like kids playing with toys on Christmas morning. We worked out together like the good old days. He was in the corner working on his legs and hamstrings and I was in my corner working on upper body. We left the gym at 3 am. I felt amazing when I left I don't know where that energy came from to do so much but I was content. I can honestly say I walked into my hometown gym after relaxing a few days from a 34 hour straight drive and I destroyed my workout on Christmas morning. The feeling was beyond amazing to take days off and find the motivation to head into a different gym with a different environment. I felt invisible honestly and shocked my self, I felt blessed.

on another note I did get footage of half of 1 set, you can tell I was fatigued ran out of film to record but this was my second to last set.

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