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This work out can involve anywhere from 1-4 people. Each person can start at a station and rotate to the next station when the time is up(this circuit we didn't use time, we used reps instead). If you happen to finish your exercise at the station early take that time to breathe and relax until it is time to switch workouts. Do one set of each exercises (1-4 In order). Upon completion of exercise number four, a full round of the circuit is complete BUT ONLY when your partners have completed all four as well. Take a 30 second break between each full completion of 1 round of the circuit. It will be hard to stop in this circuit with partners involved because you need communication, so try your best to keep going. Also your partners are depending on you to finish at one station of the circuit to keep the pace going. Do as many completed sets of the circuit as you would like (your discretion).I suggest you do no less than 6 sets. THE VIDEO BELOW IS A VIDEO OF CIRCUIT 1 AND A LITTLE BIT OF 2, HOPE YOU ENJOY! THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE ARE FOR CIRCUIT 1.

circuit 1

1) DB dead lift 25lbs each hand 15 reps 10 sets

2) spider mountain climbers 10 reps 10 sets

3) sliding pike 10 reps 10 sets

4) ab roller 10 reps 10 sets

circuit 2

1) Jump rope 2 minutes 3 sets

2) Jump squats and toss 8lbs medicine ball

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