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This work out can involve anywhere from 2-4 people. Each person can start at a station and rotate to the next station when the time is up.(for this circuit we didn't use time)We used the completion of 1 set of bicep curls as the indicator to switch workouts. Do one set of each exercises (1-3 In order). Upon completion of exercise number three, a full round of the circuit is complete BUT ONLY when your partner has completed all three as well. Take a 1 minute break between each round. If you can't get through the whole circuit without a break, take an 30 second break between each exercise. It will be hard to stop in this circuit with partners involved because you need communication. Also your partners are depending on you to finish at one point of the circuit. For me and my client we did both breaks. Do as many completed sets of the circuit as you would like (your discretion).I suggest you do no less than 2 rounds. Use light to moderate weight with the wood chops In the video below you will see me taking my break between every three sets. THE VIDEO BELOW IS A VIDEO OF CIRCUIT 1 HOPE YOU ENJOY.

circuit 1

2 people are throwing the medicine ball until the other 2 people finish their workout

Those other 2 people (person 3 &4) are rotating between the jump rope, and bicep curls with the EZ curl bar. Once one person(person 3) is done they will wait until the other person doing the curls or jump rope is ready to switch exercises (person 4). The person doing the bicep curls last out of the two people who don't have the medicine ball dictates when everyone switches (person 4).

1)8 bicep curls 10 sets per person/6 reverse curls 10 sets per person

2) jump rope

3) medicine ball

4) medicine ball

circuit 2

1)curls for the girls ! for me a set of 50 reps 10 sets

2)pull ups 5 reps 4 sets

3)playing "TAPS" w medicine ball

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