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Hope all is well everyone, due to the cover virus morale can be down right now but I advise you to take this free time and invest in yourself. Continue to find constructive things to do with your time and focus on all those important goals you never got around to due to work and other factors in your life. Take this time to work on yourself, meditate, and enjoy your own company. Please limit the use of going outside and if you do use PPE and try to stay safe. In this video below of me training a client you will see us practicing social distancing and keeping our distance from each other while we worked on balance and stability for his legs.

This work out can involve anywhere from 2-3 people. Each person can start at a station and rotate to the next station when the time is up.Do one set of each exercises (1-3 In order). Upon completion of exercise number three, a full round of the circuit is complete. Take a 1 minute break between each round or if you can't get through the whole circuit without a break, take 30 second break between each exercise. For me and my client we did both breaks. Do as many completed sets of the circuit as you would like (your discretion).I suggest you do no less than 2 rounds. Use light to moderate weight with the wood chops In the video below you will see me taking my break between every three sets. THE VIDEO BELOW IS A VIDEO OF MAJORITY OF CIRCUIT 1 SHOWING YOU THREE PEOPLE AND THEN FOUR, HOPE YOU ENJOY.

Circuit 1

1)Toe taps w bosu ball

2) wood chops w DB 10 lbs

3) squats

Circuit 2

1)suicides 9 sets

2) pushups 30 reps after every completed suicide

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