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Personal note my wisdom teeth were taken out on Monday, I am not sure if I was supposed to be working out still under medication but I feel that 5 days was enough recovery time for me to give working out a try. My jaw is still in complete pain but as we know that isn't a valid excuse to stop training.

Smith flat bench bench press 6 sets 50 reps 45 lbs each side

hammer curls 6 sets 10 reps 25lbs each hand

bicep curls 6 sets 10 reps 25lbs each hand

DB shoulder press 6 sets 10 reps 25lbs each hand

duration of workout 70 minutes.

side note , the recording is raw footage of me working out Sorry in advance for the bad ankle but it’s hard to stop what I’m doing when I’m in my focused zone to try and fix the camera or explain whats going on . The video is raw footage just to give a visual insight of what I’m doing during my workout

I was only able to record one full circuit set comfortably in the gym, this was set number 3 going into 4. enjoy!

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