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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

for my second work out I wanted to burn more calories and exhaust myself by burning out not with strength but with an full body endurance workout.The more muscle groups used in a workout, the more likely you are to use more of your energy. My target was to focus on compound movements which are exercises that work multiple muscle groups, and joints. You will be surpised how strong you are strength training vs how you can hold up in a endurance hiit workout. It is always good to switch your routine to allow your body to not get too comfortable.

Standing DB shoulder press 8 sets 20 reps 20lbs each hand

DB deadlift 8 sets 20 reps 20lbs each hand

bent over underhand DB rows 8 sets 25 reps 20lbs each hand

duration of workout :45 min

I was able to record 1 full set of my circuit below check it out!

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