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Hammer strength Iso lateral low row 11 sets 35 reps 35lbs

DB bent over single arm row 11 sets 10reps 25lbs

DB bent over single arm row 11 sets 10reps 25lbs 3 second isometric hold

key word - isometric hold

isometric hold is when you hold the weight when its contracted at concentric position.This happens when you hold the weight and squeeze for a few seconds before putting it in the eccentric position(original position when where the weight started).This is a great way to add intensity to your workout. It shows you have control over the weight. I like isometric holds because it gives me that extra blood flow to get my pump in when working out. I also use it to track progress by checking how long I can hold a weight in the concentric contraction position.If you notice you can hold the weight for 3 seconds and two weeks later you can do the isometric hold for 7 seconds per rep, then you know you have gotten stronger. The benefits are muscle development and overall improved strength.

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