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each exercise is completed after 1 individual set with number 1through 4. Upon completion of exercise number four, a full set of the circuit is done. Take a 1-3 minute break between each full set of the circuit. Do as many full sets of the circuit at your own discretion but do no less then 3.

1)Bicep curl machine "21s" 10 sets 40lbs

2)front raises over hand grip 10 sets 15 reps 12lbs each hand

3)front raise under hand grip 10 sets 15 reps 12lbs each hand

4)seated y raise 10 sets 15reps 12lbs each hand

key term- "21s"

"21s" are an bicep workout out most body builders do.The number 21 refers to the number of total reps you do in one set. 21 is divide into three 7 rep segments that ultimately target the full bicep. During this technique you go through three different rages of motion during the curl that stimulate muscle growth and builds strength. I like it because of the tension when doing the exercise and that it allows to fully work the bicep branchii. I also like it because of the focus required to get this set done, doing the regular curl can be so boring sometimes and this spices things up. So basically you lift the ez curl bar half way up seven times. Then from the half way mark (where your elbow are at the 90 degree position) lift up to your chest which is the highest point and do top half of the curls seven times. Last but not least do full range of motion curls seven times (normal curls fully extending arms ).

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