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Let the gains begin LEG WORKOUT OCT 11/21

hello everyone . I am Getting more into the flow of things . Now that you guys have caught up with all my vivid Covid memories and post , I will resume Sharing up to date daily content . The marathon continues! im excited to be able to workout properly and efficiently without worrying about injuries or limiting myself. I am Happy to say mentally I am joyous and ready to move forward. I am working on getting back to working out at least one a day everyday. Due to minor back problems still , i am straying away from the weight lifting and machine and sticking to more functional movement and body weight exercises. I will consider lifting once a week for hypertrophic purposes in order to still build muscle mass. I’m working on better nutrition as well which I’m glad to say every year I become better over time with. Here is a workout out below you can do for your lower body extremity specifically the glutes and quads . I worked Out with a partner and used my al24fit resistance bands .

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