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Hello everyone hope all is well, I have been keeping up with my workouts and I hope you are doing the same as well. We are now in phase 3 where I am located. With that being said, get out there go to the park have fun and stay active but don't forget your PPE!!

Do 10-20 reps of each exercises In order. Upon completion of exercise number three, a full set of the circuit is complete. Take a 20-30 second break between each set of the circuit(optional) if you can't get through the whole circuit without a break, take it between each exercise. Do as many completed sets of the circuit as you would like (your discretion).I suggest you do no less than 5 sets to get that blood pumping. I Chose this as my warm up because these fundamentals are always needed. In the video below you will see me start to fatigue during the last two sets which was my key to stop with my partner. I had to go his pace in order to motivate him but there is nothing wrong with taking your time and making each rep count!. BELOW IS A VIDEO OF MY WARM UP I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!

warm up circuit

1) squats 5 sets 20 reps

2) decline pushup 5 sets 20 reps

3) dips 5 sets 20 reps

After the warm up,I ran up and down the stairs about 40 times. Last but not least we played pick up games of basketball for 3 hours.

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