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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Circuit 1 can't be done alone, I call it curls for the girls. Circuit 2 also needs between 2-4 people In order to provide the right amount of rest. Upon completion of exercise number one, pass or throw the ez curl bar to your partner and when they curl, that is when you rest. That is the completion of set 1.We went by time for this game and not by counting sets with light to moderate weight. In the video below you will see me start to fatigue during the last two sets of exercise 1 and of exercise 2 which was my key to stop for circuit 1, because we were going until failure. BELOW IS A VIDEO OF MAJORITY OF MY WORKOUT ONLY THE LAST FEW SETS OF CIRCUIT 2 IS MISSING. ENJOY!

NOTE :(circuit 2) You want to keep your feet shoulder width apart and planted into the ground. Keep your hands on the bar outside of your legs. Your hands should be in hook grip meaning your thumb is inward and hands are over gripped on the bar. You set your body like this to get maximum pull from the ground. This is a compound movement, the barbell clean and press is a great workout because it works your legs, upper body and works on cardiovascular system all at once.Try to remember keep the bar close to your legs like a dead lift when going down. Next remember to use your hips to propel the bar upward. Once you get to the shoulder press part you want to use your body to lift and not just your shoulders so you can power through the motion and help you drive the bar up without arching your back.Try to keep the weight light until you get the form down because if you notice after a while your form will start to change anyway due to fatigue from the weight. Also keep your head straight and eyes forward when doing the press and lock out your triceps to complete the exercise

circuit 1 for a total of 15 minutes

1) Bicep curls 7 reps (18.5 lbs each side / then 10lbs )

2) reverse curls 7 reps (10 lbs each side )

circuit 2

1) barbell clean and press 10 sets 3 reps (25lbs plate each side )

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