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Do each exercise in numeric order starting from exercise number one . Upon completion of the last exercise , one full set of the circuit is complete . Do anywhere from 4-6 complete sets of the circuit. You may rest between each exercise or each time you complete a full set , it is up to you. Use moderate to heavy weight for all of circuit 1. In order to get more efficient result when building muscle. After finishin circuit 1 , you may take anywhere up too 10 min break. remember don’t count the reps make the reps count ! When starting circuit 2 use light to moderate weight and do between 3-5 sets . You may switch the amount of reps for your body in order to get comfortable. You May see my hands knock at the top of my shoulder press when I extend my elbows and arms straight up but that is a bad habit . It is best to not let the weights touch each other . Also try to control the weight when coming down to starting position .

Circuit 1

1)incline DB shoulder press 6 set 15 reps 45lbs each hand

2)Seated hammer curls 6 sets 10 reps 45lbs each hand

Circuit 2

1)incline DB shoulder press 4 sets 15 reps 30lbs each hand

2) incline DB shoulder press 4sets 10 reps 30lbs each hand (neutral grip)

3)incline Bicep curls 4 sets 10 reps 30lbs each hand

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