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The circuit below may involve anywhere from 2 to 4 people. Once everyone has completed the exercises in sequence, a full set of the circuit is complete. The time you get to rest depends on you and your partner, you rest when you hand the EZ curl bar to your partner. Take your break while your partner finishes their reps. You may want to advice your partner to slow down in order to give you more time to rest. Do as many completed sets of the circuit as you would like (your discretion). I suggest you do the curls by time 10-15 minutes should be good. Complete these curls with light to moderate weight, or if your looking for intensity do the exercise until muscle failure by adding on more reps which gives your partner more time to rest. BELOW IS A VIDEO OF MAJORITY OF THE FIRST WORKOUT OUT OF THE CIRCUIT.

circuit 1

1) curls w/ EZ curl bar 10lbs each side then go to 18lbs each side for a total of 15min.

2) reverse curls w/ EZ curl bar 10lbs each side 10-20 reps for a total of 10 min

3) bench press 4 sets 25 reps 35lbs each side

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