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Back home in the Bronx just flew in on the 11th and before you know it i was settled and in the gym by the end of the night ! It’s all about dedication and consistency . My primary goal while here and on vacation is to focus on rehabilitation of recovering from the plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, stress fractures all on the right foot. I don’t have to wear boots for a few weeks so during this time I should be able to heal in ways I couldnt before.

on the 11th my work out was the following :

1.8 miles in 20 min on level 13 elliptical

jacobs ladder 5 sets 1 minute


(vmx rope trainer machine /battle ropes) rope pull down workout 5 sets of 1 min each

bent over dumbbell mid rows 5 sets 15 rep each 30 lbs each hand

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