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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I woke up 8 am excited to get back in the gym , I went With my friends they wanted to play basketball so I tried my best to keep up, we played a light game for an hour and half Ofcourse before playing I did My stretches to avoid injury I also Did 200 pushups .

The fun part was after basketball I knew my Foot could no longer keep up without throbbing pain but Knew I still had energy left . I decided Next to take a kick boxing class for 45-60 min

then after took a step ladder class with light weights

from 45-60 min .

you can bet your butt it took everything in me to get into the routine in the class, because it involved hand and eye coordination and the endurance to keep going . The good news is I was able to record some content from both classes and also take a selfie with one of my dope friends who was the instructor

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