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when I workout majority of the time I try my best to combine exercises to work more than one muscle. I really try to get that full pump out of my workout by hitting every part of the muscle group. So to achieve that, I normally conduct 2 workouts as one . Below is my shoulder workout, feel free to use a partner to alternate between exercises because sometimes it’s no fun alone lol. Use light to medium weight for toning results . Moderate to heavy weight for muscle mass and hypertrophy results. Some key things to remember for the shoulder press allign elbows when coming down to starting position and try not to drop them to low. when doing the raises try to bring weight to shoulders length and not higher, also take your time to avoid injury shoulder joint is very easy to injure . When doing the shoulder shrugs try to control your breathing and master the exercise. I did that exercise alone because I used heavy weight. With the lateral raise can slant your legs inward to get more pressure on your shoulders, you may go higher than shoulder length just to exercise your range of motion and also because less chance of injury when using cables . As for the Kb row try to bring those elbows up as high as possible and squeeze , you can even try an isometric hold for a few seconds when bringing the weight to your chest . Also keep your core tight and back straight you want to avoid swinging Your body .

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