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Due to my work schedule, I have no tried another form of working out to see if I can achieve better results this way. I rest Monday through Thursday and the weekends I work out everyday either once or twice everyday. Me personally I am very tired after work and im going through a vigorous process of retiring from the armed forces. So my days are longer then usual and unexpected.One thing I have noticed is with pushing my self very hard over the weekend it leaves me sore. The positive result of the rest days are I have less muscle fatigue and my performance has improved. Another benefit is there is less stress on my body. Especially since I commit to intense training so more rest days are required for the body to fully heal. The downfall is getting back into the routine the first workout, have to be cautious with preventing injury and get back into the habit of proper breathing techniques. Mentally I feel better because I don't have to beat myself up about missing a day or I don't have to prep myself to do a workout I don't want to do after a long day. I honestly am content with my new workout schedule because I train my muscles so hard that I feel sore 4 days into the weekend. When im normally active and not resting im not able to tell if im sore or not because I don't allow my body enough time to rest and heal.



Hammer strength Mts front pull down machine

under hand 7 sets 20 reps 50lbs

wide grip 7 sets 20 reps 50 lbs

over hand 7 sets 20 reps 50lbs

Bent over single arm row 7 sets 20 reps 30lbs DB each hand with 3 second negative each rep

workout 2


Low row cable machine 55lbs 20 reps 7 sets

bicep curls 20lbs 10 reps 7sets

hammer curls 20 lbs 20 reps 7 sets

super set

bent over single arm row 30lbs 5 sets 15reps

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