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Spent my last full day working out extremely sore as usual, pain still from Tuesdays classes I get I never took full time off to heal with the cardio days after. over all very content with my the amount of cardio and rehabilitation I did for myself. Mentally before the Kobe Bryant incident I was in a great place although injuries made me depressed on certain days my overall mood and confidence were incredible. I came home with the intention to really enjoy myself in the gym and take advantage of all the free time I had on vacation. My personal goal was to do a lot of cardio, which was mentioned a few post ago when I arrived 3 weeks ago in New York city. Cardio is exactly what I did and im proud of myself to get up and keep striving to be consistent. I had to end the vacation with basketball, In honor of Kobe Bryant. I played from 9to 12 noon and I kept winning pick up games trying my best to keep in mind the injuries on my upper body and lower body. I focused on doing other functional movements to avoid any predicaments where I could put my body in harms way while playing this contact sport. By noon everyone was ready to play full court games and of course I couldn't participate in that due to plantar fasciitis in my foot. I walked off the court as everyone argued to take my spot and that was the end of fitness for my vacation.

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