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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Hello everyone, I took 5 days off to heal and recover my body, For this workout I did the following:

hammer strength Mts row machine 4 sets 50 reps under hand grip with 50lbs

4 sets 25 reps overhand grip with 40lbs

after the 4 sets I then had to use the machine isolated since I was too weary to do any more reps bilateral.

hammer strength Mts row machine 4 sets 50 reps under grip isolated with each hand 50 lbs

then alternate to the other hand.

4 sets 25 reps overhand grip with 40 lbs the same as before, for the overhand grip I was still able to lift both hands at the same time so I id not switch to isolated rows for this grip.

The workout did take exert the energy out of my body, but it was one of those days where I had to test my limit. unfortunately I did not record, I went in there with this confident mentality to hash it out with the weights. I felt as if it was one of those vigorous workouts I didn't feel comfortable sharing, one that required screaming, leaning over fatigued on the bench after eat set, and last but not least one workout that required me to make that ugly face ! This workout required me to use additional muscles after my tricep, bicep went through muscle failure. I had to change my seated position and put my chest more outward to get more pull from my latissimus dorsi, rhamboids , and teres to get that extra support to complete each rep. When I was done with the workout and analyzed why it felt so heavy lol it was then I realized I had completed 400 reps of underhand rows. My workout usually isn't planned before going into the gym I annotate in my phone half way through a workout so it doesn't distract me completely. This blog doesn't only give the viewer insight but it has grown to help me as well, for example before the blog annotating my workout was never my routine and now it is. But I hope you all enjoyed this blog and sorry there is no footage to show, I can only offer you a selfie with my eyes bloodshot red from putting in some serious work !

Two days have gone by and I am feeling the burn, I think 400 reps underhand row on that machine may be my new standard in the future.

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