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again I was heading for the cables lol didn't get to it. You can believe I had to suck it up and just find another muscle group to work out. I picked shoulder!

Shoulder press bench 8 sets 25 reps 55lbs

alternative between each set

seated shoulder press 8 sets 25 reps 30lbs each hand

to finish it off, 100 pushups in 3 minutes as my super set.

You can bet your ass I was in massive pain during the workout and literally screaming to get through it, for me shoulder muscle group Is one of weaknesses due to torn bicep, torn rotator cuff, and recent discovery of arthritis in the shoulder. For a tip, it is best to do shoulder presses with your elbows turned in towards your torso. Your shoulders should be kept in front of you not behind your head. The wider your elbows go out the less range of motion you have when doing a overhead press. You can also cause injury with your elbows flared out to the side. With elbows tucked in your focusing more on the delts without over straining the shoulder joints, you will be able to lift more weight this way with your triceps more engaged and it places your shoulder joints in a safer position.If the goal for you is muscle gain, you have to try and isolate the muscle every repetition. Lets say you have hit a plato try to change your form to when working on your shoulders plus lets not forget standing up vs seated brings more results.

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