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smith machine flat bench, 5 sets 50 reps 45lb on each side. I inclined the bench a level higher after each set.

alternative between each set for a total of 5 sets 25 reps with 25 lbs in each hand, I did hammer curls

I have been walking in doing random workouts because one, im going through personal problems in my life and two the gym is just so always packed ! But on a serious note the endorphins that a produced from working out help with sleep, they provide a natural high and feel good neurotransmitter. They reduce our perception of pain the same as pain killers and other drugs. Also working out in general is a therapy thing for me, its my escape, it allows my brain to focus on one specific thing during the time im working out. I get to focus on my workout instead of focusing on the worlds problems, or what happens to tomorrow or the next day. At that very moment of working out the world freezes to me and I get involved in only fixing myself. The gym to me is the feeling a kid gets when they are playing with their favorite toy, that excitement that feeling of joy and exuberance except theres a greater benefit because im actually working on myself.

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