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Day 8 Quarantine

At this point I was used to working out, used to shortness of breathe and getting adapted to my situation. I was still confident to get through the virus and stuff confident to stay active. I remember at the time trying my best not to let the Quarantine ruin my progress. I was at the point where I was working out twice a day for maybe 3 days out of the week and the rest of the days I was going to the gym once a day. I was putting on some good mass and size. The problem for me was while working out I was not strong enough to lift weights or put too much stress on my body. Here is my muscle mass below over the past few months up to today. The low down fall is the month and following of me catching the virus while also having the herniating disc. As you can see, my body took a spike downward, but its recovering now.

Below is a list of my workout which was

10 rounds no break

jumping jacks 25 reps

push ups 25 reps

sit ups 12 reps

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