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Day 6 Quarantine Workout

Day 6 I figured why not get the good camera and get some good footage ? I have nothing else to do. I was fighting this virus the best way I knew how ! Day 6 is becoming more clear to me as I am writing this from my head lol. My upper body was taking major damage and as far as being sore, well that would be an easy way to word it. The feeling from the workouts were strange , a feeling I never felt before. My body was sore but not communicating with me properly. Normally I'm sore and able to keep going with regular 6 hour sleep. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE for this virus, I felt sore but the type of sore a new beginner feels when they haven't worked out in years. This was strange to me because I am a very active person but that is when i realized even more that my body could not handle the weight lifting. The kettle bells from day 2 had caught up to me. I decided to do legs on this day and give my upper body and giving the running a rest. But seriously the soreness didnt feel good at all. I had aches in my body from the virus which was taking over the fact that I was sore.

All exercises below down with resistance bands and done 4 sets. ( video at the bottom)

1)360 squats jumps 30 second

2)side step squats 25 seconds

3)Leg Raise 10 reps each foot

4)Squat press w/ hammer curl 8 reps

5)Split lunge 10 reps each foot

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