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Day 4 Quarantine workout

Around 3 minutes in you can see me start to get fatigued right away lol. I had to take a few seconds to relax. If you watch the rest of the videos you can see endurance was never my problem, sometimes when I woke up I felt bad and had to drag myself out the bed to do the workouts because I had nothing else to look forward too. My lungs always felt better after the workout and I was able to breathe better. Waking up with the virus was probably to worse part of the day because my body had to get used to the new adjustment. Normally I wake up and I'm on the go! But waking up and physically not feeling the same also messed with my spirit a little bit so that is another reason the workout was something I dreaded but looked forward to. To be honest with you once I did finish my workout I felt tired more than normal but my brain felt more alert and it was easier for me to breathe and move around. I found myself working out twice some days lol just running and doing drills to get my respiratory system functioning well. I was not going to let a virus get the best out of me or make me handi cap at all!! Below is my first workout I was unable to film the second one.

Bosu Ball toe taps 1 min 5 sets

Renegade row 10 reps each 5 sets w 25lbs

Sit ups w Med Ball 12 reps 5 sets

Supine Bicycle 10 reps 5 sets

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