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I recently went through a little time off due to testing positive to Covid -19. I am here to tell you what my experience was like and what things I did to help me get through the process. I was feeling sore, and extremely weak (weakness I don't feel normally after leaving the gym). I knew something was wrong right away internally. This was Sunday April 10th. I wanted to be sure it was what I thought it was so I gave myself until Tuesday to get tested. Tuesday morning I tested positive and started my quarantine.

Foods I felt helped me through the process were fruits, I love fruits and It helps provide a lot of energy. I picked up a variation of fruit platters so I could get enough of everything. Im well aware yellow and orange fruits and veggies help with building the immune system. So I focused on my pineapples and cantaloupes. I lost taste and smell by day 4 so sad fully I did not get to enjoy many foods. Without taste I was a little depressed lol, I stuck to my fruits ! for drinks I drunk a lot of water as usual my gallon per day. I also kept drinking ginger root tea by taking the ginger chopping it up and boiling it in a large pot. I continued to take mu black seed oil pills, my calcium/mag/zinc pills, and last my multi vitamins. Garlic and onions are our first line of defense so I was eating that as well lol to also see if I can taste anything. You have to try and have fun sometimes !I was trying my best to stay away from cheese because it builds up more mucus in your body but lets be honest pizza is fast with delivery so I had that a few times as well.

A few side affects I felt were just mainly the taste/smell and shortness of breathe. Instantly I noticed I was short of breathe. I discovered this because I wanted to stay active to keep my lungs open and stay active. I also kept working out because I didn't want to get lazy being away from the gym. I tried to use the 10 days to relax and focus on my self, do yoga , plyometric exercises, and HIIT exercises. I wouldn't advice you do more than 10-15 min of moderate or high intensity workout when you have the virus. I was testing myself out but I was extremely out of breathe and pushing it to be honest lol. But its still good to try and do something to stay active and avoid sitting down to much.

I worked out twice a day for the first 4 days, after that I was sore and a little bit depressed from not being able to eat recovery foods and taste them. After the first few days I just worked out every other day to give myself time to recover and rest. It is important you get sleep for your body to revive and make more white blood cells.

I will post the workouts I did get a chance to record in my backyard and park. We all don't have the same experiences with the virus but hope you all take it serious and wear mask wash hands and if you do test positive try to be active and quarantine, because it happens to the best of us.

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