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COVID -19 Testimony ( Quarantine day 2 workout)

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I was feeling sluggish , lost my smell and taste but refused to let it get the best of me . I was scared of more affects and major complications from the virus so I decided to stay active by any means necessary. I remember being confined to one room for the safety of those around me and eating alot of fruits to try to build my immune system . My body was weak but my mind was strong , I was determined to make the best out of my situation. That is the thing about the fitness journey things come by un expected and mess up the flow of your progress.

As far as eating I was eating less , and mainly eating platters of fruits from the store . I was still drinking my gallon of water but my appetite began to get smaller because my body rejected food and also because I was unable to taste/smell the food. I did not get my taste back for about 10 weeks. It was depressing mentally and ruined my mindset( since I love to eat !)

When it came to working out I was working out twice a day. I don’t know where I got the strength to do this but it’s true when they say there is strength in your struggle. I noticed I was short of breathe when doing exercise. At least once during Every workout there was a time where I would stop and take a break to breathe before getting light headed. The virus did make a big difference in my respiratory system. I was not able to lift weights at all after the first 3-5 days ! I’m no super man now ... I had no strength to lift from the start of my quarantine but I still tried to attempt to do a kettle bell and light dumbbell exercises as you see on my last post. After 3 days I decided I would just avoid the weights and try to sweat it out by doing any body movement to get my heart going at this point. I noticed after the weight lifting at home , my body wasn’t able to recover properly and my strength lowered.

It is now 5 months later & I have lost about 10 lbs of muscle. I was 208 lbs and now recovered to 210 lbs. The virus was a major set back for me. Sadfully my body got out of the groove and then after the virus I was faced with a herniated disc on Memorial Day May 31st 2021. I can’t forget the date because my friends were hosting a BBQ and I was busy in the hospital getting an shot in my arm for the back pain. Anyway long story short I have cut down on using any weights since my back cant handle it and have taken 2 months off to recover . I am now attending physical therapy , and seeing a chiropractor weekly to ease the pain. Those two months out the gym weren’t easy I fought my self to go and you bet I went at least one a week but the pain continued and got worse. I was going on and off honestly because I can’t stop working out pain or not! I lost The battle against my back and against my doctor, I finally gave in and stopped with the physical activity for about 2 months to heal. I decided to do more yoga and stretch and basketball became apart of my routine. I played ball about 2-3 times a week for a total of 20 hours. I kept this going until October 1, 2021. I am now feeling better and have been to the gym a few times since then. With the medical help I am receiving I am confident going forward that my back will heal. I have went on an rollercoaster With my body but my mind has and is always in tact. The body goes where the mind leads it! My goal now is to be consistent and get my strength and muscle mass back but through calisthenics. I’m still not confident enough to do any back workouts or weights but today I have found myself doing upside down pull ups at home lol. NOW here is my video below

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