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calisthenics -Around the World 10/28/2021

I started going to the gym getting in the groove of things . I’m not where i was before but slowing getting there . Before i would do a 100 dips and pull ups a day. Now i have lowered that number to 70, until i feel comfortable with the progress. Dont get me wrong you may start somewhere between

3 -5 reps of each exercise below and alter the break to fit your bodies needs But for me this was always a warm up before going to lift a little bit of weights after. Now what was my warm up is now my

workout lol. I still Get this workout done in 25 min or less so I dont feel too embarrassed . calisthenics Provide less of chance of injury vs weights which for me is where I need to be right now. The weights is what got me the bulging disc in the lumbar spine and inflammation in my thorax spine

( found out recently as I went to emergency room a few days after this video ) . So my recommendation for people trying to avoid injury is calisthenics

7 dips

7 pull ups ( switch grip every time )

10 push-ups .

Repeat for 10 sets

30-60 sec set between each set or less time if your experienced with calisthenics.

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