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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Due to COVID-19 we are are forced to take drastic measure when it comes to our safety such as staying inside to avoid the virus. As a result of the wide spreading disease I have grown to adapt to home workouts. During these home workouts I have learned self growth, discipline, and to enjoy the comfort of my environment. I hope everyone is staying safe and staying inside. Keep yourself productive and enjoy this time to work on your self and spend time with loved ones. We are all going through a difficult time so check on friends and loved ones.

I was challenged by my friends to do 500 pushups within the day. I ended up doing around 450 within the 30 minutes. This is something you guys can try at home with yourself or friends. This was early in the morning , excuse the clothes in the background I had to hand dry some of my laundry 🧺

Now remember its every make every rep count. Our body naturally prevents us from going into full extension because our bodies aren't use to that. For every exercise try to maximize the benefit by getting full range of motion. Once you do that, compared to doing it wrong your number of reps should drop by at least 30 percent. It does not matter how many reps you do, what matters is how man reps you do properly. The quality counts more than the quantity of reps. You want to take your time and practice getting the full benefit from the exercise. We want to get away from counting the reps and focus more on doing them correctly. Overall how you do the exercise determines what you get from it.So when doing the pushup challenge be sure to take your time and go all the way down and all the way up and engage your core and lower your butt to level your body. THE VIDEO BELOW CONTAINS MY FULL WORKOUT WITH A 5 MINUTE BREAK IN BETWEEN.

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