my battle buddy was in town for the weekend so decided to let him try a circuit I thought of.We did it together in competition, sometimes its best to do stuff with another person for motivation and also to see how their body reacts before demonstrating it on a client . My circuit was designed to attack the core. So there was no break, and no time limit for the squats and situps, or for the pushups and pull ups, they were done at our own paste which is why we competed.

circuit 1

8sets 25 reps goblet squats 30lbs

8 sets 25 reps sit ups

3-5 min rest once full workout of the 16 sets above were complete

6 sets battle ropes 60 seconds

6 sets bozo ball 30 seconds

3-5 min rest once full work out of the 12 sets above were complete

4 sets 5 pushups

4 sets 5 pull ups

Rest was taken for approx. 10-15 min before completing the circuit below. We have over exerted ourselves by pushing our body to a new level. Note** (set is not complete until exercise 1-3 has been done once , that is one complete set also known as a circuit.)

circuit 2

1)8 sets 20 reps seated cable row machine 42lbs

2)8 sets 20 reps back extensions on the row machine 42lbs

3)8 sets 40 reps face pull 20lbs

I was able to record small portions of the first half of the aerobic workout

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